Here you have a list of web pages which can be of interest while you are in La Garrotxa.

Talking about La Garrotxa means talking about Culture, Gastronomy and Nature. Practising activities in nature, resting, having fun, visiting museums… and much more is available in La Garrotxa.


Interesting web pages:

Network paths in La Garrotxa, Ripollès and Alt Empordà:


Routes of Grennways:

 Bike lane:

Wikilok routes:


Catalan donkey rides:


Garrotxa turism:

Turism Olot :

Parks in Catalonia:


Government of Catalonia:


Environmental consultans in Catalonia:


Idiomatic language Services – Translating and Interpreting agency:


Parks in La Garrotxa:


Museums in Olot:


Bicycle Logistics Centre:


Vall de Nuria:



Interesting telephone numbers: 


Bus and coach service: Teisa, bus transversal i TPO 

  Tel. 972 26 01 96  /  972 20 48 68

Taxi-tour Garrotxa

 Tel. 699 73 73 01

Train: Renfe

  Tel. 902 24 02 02

Segalés: Coach from Girona Airport to Girona

 Tel. 902 36 15 50



How to get to La Garrotxa:

The privileged location of La Garrotxa lets you get to the Volcanic Zone in a confortable and fast way from anywhere in Catalonia.

By car: from Barcelona:  C-17 + C37 o AP7 + C-63, o bé AP7 + C66

From the center of the Iberian Peninsula: A-2 + C-25 + C-17 + C-37, o bé a A-2 + C-25 + C-63

From the rest of Europe:   A-9 / E-15 + N-260

You can download your route at the Michelen guide: